четверг, 3 апреля 2008 г.

Shrinking waistline

It seems like just yesterday NippleGate rocked the world. This time around, it's a much tamer area that is causing bloggers to snicker, as the pop star's shrinking waistline in recent weeks has been a far cry from her past figure. Even tabloids like the U.K.'s Daily Mail is commenting, calling Jackson a "yo-yo dieter" while reporting on her "tiny, waspish waist."

It was at Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards where Jackson's waist became the subject, as her tightly-sinched belt acted more like a corset than an accessory. It was even enough to make the always positive Pink Is the New Blog say that Ms. Jackson's mid-section was "a bit strange to look at."

Jackson's weight has been a frequent topic of conversation among gossipers over the past few years, as she gained a large amount of weight, reportedly for a movie role that never materialized.

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