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Vibe Magazine

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is one of the few child stars that's made it out alive (sans rehab or psych ward trips). Janet graces the March cover of Vibe magazine. In the double issue she talks about growing up a Jackson, her man Jermaine, and being a child actor. Here are some highlights with the interview...

On growing up in her household:
“I remember being a kid and they’d come over … you take so much for granted…. you’re not thinking about the fact that it’s Marvin Gaye over all the time, or Diana [Ross] or Smokey [Robinson].”

On her relationship with super-producer Jermaine Dupri:
“Married or not, it’s not important … I feel like it’s it …. It’s been about eight years. He’s just a sweetheart. Truly a good-hearted person.”

On being a responsible child in the entertainment business:
“One of the major things was my work ethic, since I was a kid … I never had my mother wake me up … I’d get myself up everyday. It never struck me … that’s a lot of difficulty for a 10-year-old … I don’t know if it’s something in the genes, or from watching my brothers, seeing them working hard.”

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